Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day Present

I've never really been one to reinvent the wheel and so I found this super cute idea online and I am so happy with the way it turned out! We took tons of pictures and itwas so hard to decide which ones to put in the frame. I feel so lucky to have three kids and a super dad for them!

Grandma Rusti is home!!

It was a long two months but we all survived! The kiddos were so excited for her to be here. Rachel didn't let go of her for the first 20 minutes or out of her sight for the whole time she was at our house without crying hysterically. I'm so glad that my kids are able to have a Grandma so close and that I have my mom for all the support I could ever ask for. We missed you, Mom! We're so glad you're back!!

Grandma Bushnell came to visit.

Last week my Dad's mom and two of his sisters stopped by on their way to Montana. None of them had met Rachel yet which I feel awful about! We really need to do more traveling to the other side of the mountains! We had a lovely visit and I'm so glad they were able to come. My grandma is going to turn 90 this September, so hopefully we will be able to go to Longview for the party!

It's never good when things are quiet........

As I was rolling up some Turkey Meatballs, I realized that I hadn't seen Rachel for a while. I have been hating cooking dinner lately because Rachel just stands pulling on my legs. I decided to just enjoy the moment only to find her later like this. That's her cheese face!!