Friday, May 30, 2008

Sleep....I love sleep.....

I've always prided on myself on being a 'tough' mom when it comes to teaching my kids to put themselves to sleep and sleep through the night. Why then, as I sit here listening to Rachel cry in her crib, do I feel an overwhelming urge to go rescue my dear daughter? Could it be the fact that she's a girl? Oh dear, I hope not. I just think that's wrong and totally unfair after having two boys. Or could it be the possibility that she just might be my last baby? Whatever it is, I am struggling with ever fiber of my being to sit here in my chair. Funny considering usually it takes every effort I have to get out of this chair. Ha Ha! I continue to remind myself that it will be even harder for her to teach herself to go to sleep once she's old enough to stand up. I've seen kids fall asleep sitting, but never while standing holding onto the bars of the crib screaming at the top of their lungs. So here I sit firmly on my fanny ever thankful that I know it's all worth it in the end! Golly, I love being a mom. Oh, could it be? I think she stopped. Wow, I think I'll go celebrate with some ice cream!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Porch Dwellers....

Now that the weather is starting to get nicer, the boys like to spend a fair amount of time outside. Though I have started to notice that a large portion of that time is spent just playing on the porch. I am just so glad that they are finally able to be outside in the fresh air. It sure makes them sleep better at night!

Hey Mama....Rachel's awake!

Having not had a climber before, I was shocked the first time I found Kyler in the crib with his sister! It's really funny when all three are in there together. I just know one of these days the crib is gonna give way and we're gonna be in trouble! But for now, I just keep asking to please let Mama get sister out. I couldn't ask for more loving big brothers! Watch out prospective boyfriends, you don't stand a chance with this chick!

Poor Kyler....

being the second boy and middle child, Kyler all too often gets the short end of the picture taking stick. Most of the time when I'm taking pictures of Rachel he finds his way into them. The other day when he was playing alone in the rain, I decided to take a minute and capture my dear sweet Kyler. He was happy as a clam and soaked to the skin. He's such a fun boy!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Boys will be boys!

So, thanks to the Disney Song Collection my boys have learned the song "Seize the Day" from the Disney musical, Newsies (one of my all time favs) !! LeRoy was so kind as to buy the DVD the other day and I've been letting them watch the scene with the song, a sort of music video if you will. Yesterday I got to doing something else and Trey got to see the following scene in which the Newsies 'soak' the other boys buying newspapers. (If you've never seen it, I highly recommend watching it for it's 'feel good' quality.) To make a long story short, Trey figured out which character was Jack and proceeds to tell me that Jack is the best. "Oh yeah," I said. He says, "You wanna know why?" "Why, Trey." "Because he's the greatest fighter!" Excellent, so here I have introduced this seemingly innocent movie with cheesy songs and choreography. But what is it that my four year old son gets from it all? Jack Kelly is the greatest fighter! As long as he doesn't use any of those uppercuts and hooks he's learned on his little brother, I suppose it will be okay. It can't be any worse than the Power Rangers he's learning about from his school friends! I mean really, what's a mom to do?