Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Song for Primary Program 2010

Gingerbread houses!

Thanks to Aunt Nichole, my kids got to do Gingerbread houses for the first time this year. Bad mom, I know. They had so much fun. Though I am certain that Rachel had more candy in her tummy than on her house. Trey kinda had a hard time at the end, so that's why he didn't get a picture. But once everyone else was finished, he came back and LeRoy helped him. Thank you, Uncle Victor and Aunt Nichole for making a great activity!!

First good snow!

Rachel loves the snow!!

Kyler and Dad made the first snow man after Trey went to school!

We haven't had close to the amount of snow that we had last year at this time that's for sure! And every time it snows then rain doesn't ever stay too far behind. I'm sure we will get dumped on once the kids go back to school!!

Birthday season continues with Kyler turning 4!

This was my second birthday cake creation and I think it too was also a success!!

Auntie Crystal got him this really cool Batman toy!
Grandma and Grandpa got him a bike. Too bad it's December!
Grandma Carlene sent 20 bucks which he used to buy Ninja Turtles!
Mom and Dad got him a coat....Lame, I know. Thank goodness for Grandma's and Auntie!

A Real Christmas Tree!

LeRoy and I have had a real live Christmas tree since the first year we were married. This year I told my mom that all I wanted for my birthday was to cut down a Christmas tree. Since my birthday wasn't until the 17th, I was really happy she gave LeRoy money early. So, the Saturday after Thanksgiving we headed up to Greenbluff to cut down a tree. The weather was gross though not too cold. The ground was muddy, but I was so excited! With three kids in tow we tromped around the tree farm searching for the perfect tree. Why no pictures, you ask? Oh yeah, camera battery was dead. The only time that having a camera that doesn't take AA's is a bad thing. So, the picture above was the first picture I took of the tree. My sister told me that I should have waited because it would be dead by Christmas, but I told her that I didn't care because it made me happy today! I'm proud to say that thanks to a twice a day watering schedule, my tree is still going strong though it's coming down today.........So sad. Well, here are some pictures of the tree decorating festivities. Oh yeah, and I'm totally getting a real tree next year, too! Thanks, Mom!!

Last year after Christmas, I scored these pre-lit 3ft trees for 5 bucks each and so now all the kids have a tree of their own for their rooms. They thought it was so cool!

Rachel turns 2!

My first ever birthday cake creation was a success, I think!

Make a wish!

Thanks, Mom, this is good!

Do you like me hat???

Rachel's birthday was filled with babies and ponies.

Rachel loves baby Jacob!!
I honestly can't believe Rachel is two! How the time has flown. Everyday she reminds us that she is a girl. She walks like a girl, talks like a girl, screams like a girl, plays like a girl (babies galore), but boys watch out because she sure doesn't punch like a girl!!