Monday, March 30, 2009


Wow! I can't believe that we have been home from vacation for over a week! My kids started getting sick two days after we got home and I followed close behind. Boy, didn't I want to go back to California! I kept reminding myself that it wouldn't last forever. The runny noses are still hanging around and Rachel has yet another ear infection, but it's good. So, tonight I am going to take a few minutes and relive the best five days I've spent with my husband in a long time.
It was nice to be reminded of how much fun we can have together. Sometimes when you are in the middle of the day to day grind it's not really all fun and games though I have been working harder at making it a little more that way. Our little trip really was five whole days of just playing together. We left Wednesday afternoon. The plane ride was fun and we managed to catch the shuttle just in time! I really didn't want to pay cab fair all the way to the hotel. We got checked into our hotel about 11:30pm and crashed for the night. Thursday we didn't wake up nearly as early as I thought I wanted to, but it sure was nice to sleep in a bit. We went to Disneyland that day. I didn't even mind standing in line since it was just nice to be together. We chatted when we wanted to and didn't have to worry about the awkward silences of dating. We ate good food which is usually my favorite part of traveling! I was amazed to see so many other couples with no kids because I was so worried about feeling weird being adults alone at Disney. Thursday night we met Dan and Jessica for dinner! It was great food and excellent company. I was reminded just how much I miss them. I am so grateful for the times we had together in Cheney! I especially loved being able to eat dinner late without having to worry about if the kids needed to eat. I ate so much that night, I really wasn't ready for breakfast. I have no idea how late I would have slept in on Friday because LeRoy woke me up. Let me tell you that in almost nine years of marriage, LeRoy has rarely woken up early enough to get me up in the morning and never on a day off! That day we spent at California Disney. What a cool place!! By this time, we had learned the wonderful art of Fast Pass. Talk about cool! We did the Hollywood Hotel first and good thing I had Dramamine in my system. I swear my motion sickness worsens with every year of adulthood that passes. It's all because I used to make fun of my mom when I was a kid. I really enjoyed the rides there and all the shows were great! We saw all the 3-D shows and Alladin: A Musical Spectular was hilarious! I loved that it was similar to the movie, but had it's own little twists. The genie was especially funny! Saturday we actually got up early and were at Disneyland by 8:30. We did Splash Mountain first since we hadn't wanted to wait in line the first day. We didn't have to wait in line at all since most people apparently aren't interested in getting soaked that early in the morning. Who knew? I sat in the front and yet LeRoy still got more wet than I did! Ha Ha! We also went on Indiana Jones that day. It was fun and LeRoy's legs weren't nearly as cramped as some other rides. It was a weekend full of gratitude for being short! Since those were the only two rides we didn't do at Disneyland we headed back over to California Disney to do Soaring over California which we hadn't done the day before. What a cool experience that was! After we got off, we jumped back in the Single Rider line and did it again. We also went and rode California Screamin', the coolest roller coaster there! It made me laugh to listen to LeRoy scream!! I had forgotten what a rush roller coasters are and by the third time, my stomach was done! LeRoy said I was looking pretty sick. We got to meet up with Dan and Jessica with the kids. It was so cool just to be together. We had to laugh at us being willing to just stand in line together to use up every minute! We ended up eating dinner at the ESPN Zone. Now, that's our kind of place! Sporting events on multiple screens, hot wings, french fries, steak. Good stuff! We probably got most of our souvenirs there, lol! We got the boys backpacks and Rachel a shirt that says, "I watch ESPN with my mommy" After dinner we rode the monorail back to Disneyland. We managed to miss the fireworks all three nights, so I suppose we'll have to go back soon! We rode this silly Buzz Lightyear Blaster ride a bunch of times because LeRoy couldn't handle losing to a girl. We closed the park down and really enjoyed our last few hours there. There really is something magical about that place! I just love the way I felt so young and fun all except for my sore feet and joints. Next time, I'm training before I go! Ha Ha! I kind of wished we would have had one more day because I felt like by the third day I was really finding my groove. I knew where everything was and what I wanted to do. I suppose I can just try to recreate in my mind like a little kid. We came home on Sunday and the boys were not happy about having to leave Grandma. I am so glad that they have a place they love to go and can feel comfortable there. I must note that when Trey first caught sight of us and started to run his little face got all sad and he started to cry. I think he must not have realized that he missed us until that point. It was pretty cute! Now, once we were in the car and headed home the crying started from all three kids about Grandma not coming with. I think it took Kyler two days to accept the fact that he has to live at our house. Poor Guy! I guess next time we will just have to stay away longer! I am so lucky to have such an amazing mom who was willing to have three kids again, so that we could have a break. She really is the best mom ever!! Thanks, LeRoy, for an amazing weekend!! I'm so glad that we get to be together forever and ever!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


So, I've totally fallen off the blogging wagon the last few weeks. I think the whole being sick thing has kind of taken some wind out of my sails. I have kinda become obsessed with some new money saving ideas. I am really becoming more curious about this whole Walgreens/RiteAid rebate stuff, coupons, etc. It's fun and it makes me feel productive! I'm thinking about starting a little blog for me to share my experiences. There are so many out there, but this would mostly be for me to keep track of my good deals. If anyone else is interested in forming a group of posters, let me know. It might be fun to share with the others the things we find! Hope all is well with everyone.